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  Top 10 Ways to Reduce Fear of Loud Noises

(including Storms & Fireworks) 

 kitten and puppy

Pets may react with shaking, hiding, pacing, drooling, or howling due to any kind of loud noise - thunder, fireworks, loud machinery, sirens, etc. They need help to find a quiet place and learn to self calm in the face of these triggers. Here is a guide to help. If your dog or cat is still very agitated please call for a consult - chronic fear threatens their health.

  1. Give your pet the anti anxiety medication or sedative hours before the storm or when you know there will be a lot of noise. If your pet is highly anxious the medications will not work as well and you will have to keep increasing the dose.
  2. Designate a safe/quiet area for your pet and always have it available for them - Keep the carrier out with a familiar blanket - a bathroom with a mat for them
  3. Toss their food nugget at meal time into the safe area to train them to go in easily - make it fun - like a game. See crate training video on youtube channel drsallyjfoote
  4. Play heavy beat rock music or dance music to muffle sounds
  5. Try Adaptil (for dogs) or Feliway (for cats) pheromone products early in the day of noise triggers - available at veterinarians and pet stores
  6. Avoid petting, holding, or heavy soothing when your pet is anxious - when they are more calm talk to them more or pet them
  7. Give your dog at least 1 minute of walking per pound of dog - walking stimulates good brain chemicals to help during fearful events.
  8. Play with your cat 10 minutes a day - Activity also calms cats down  
  9. Plan ahead and follow your plan - watch the weather to start meds, or get into safe area early, board your pet to avoid construction noise, or fireworks
  10. Get a behavior consult to have a custom plan for your pet - many pets have become calm even with years of problems when a consult combined with appropriate therapy was started using a veterinary offering behavior services.

 - written by Dr. Sally J. Foote

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