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Scanning for a microchip - Okaw Vet Clinic - Tuscola, ILA microchip is a wonderful method of identification that cannot fall off of your pet, like a collar or tag can. The microchip is inserted just under the skin and read with a scanner. When a lost pet is brought into a shelter, scanning the pet for a microchip is the first thing they do. Your information is linked with the microchip so the shelter can contact you and reunite you and your pet.

We register the microchip with your information when we place it. If you move or change a phone number, make sure you update your information with them.

We can also check for microchips with our scanner. If you know your pet was microchipped and need to update your information, but no longer have the microchip number, we can scan your pet. We will give you the microchip number and advice on how to update your information.