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Nervous Josie

The Adaptil is absolutely wonderful for my brother's dog. She visits and is usually whining and hyperactive. I put Celea's bandana with Adaptil on Josie and she calmed down. It was wonderful. It helped Josie tremendously. 

- Chris Lange  

Odie's Tale

Odie MartinOdie and I arrived in time for his appointment. The little guy was excited to see the treats but that excitement disappeared when he saw the stainless steel table in the examining room. Okaw Vet Clinic does their best to make our pet kids happy. The tech sprayed a kerchief with a scent that calms them and then tied it around his little neck. Odie had blood drawn, a particular part of his posterior probed and his toenails trimmed. Odie told me on the way home that before all of his toenails were trimmed he started to go toward the white light. Odie exaggerates so!

- Lynn Martin and Odie

Nervous Dobbie

I want to say thank you for all you did to help my little boy. I know that he is happy today and runs and plays with other dogs at the rainbow bridge as relaxed and anxiety free as he can be. Hugs to you for your love of all animals.

- Betty Powell 


Jack and his Second Home

JackJack, our Pug, loves people.  But his favorite people are those at the Okaw Vet Clinic.  He thinks he is a celebrity that deserves all the attention and treats that are given to him on each visit.  He gets so excited it's embarrassing but the staff has assured me that they love to see him this way.

He loves the Okaw Clinic so much that we cannot walk by it without him pulling us to the entrance.  If the office is closed, he will stand at the door and wait until he is told that no one is home.  If the office is open and he goes in for a visit, he has to be dragged away by his leash for the next 2 or 3 blocks because he wants to go back. 

We have no worries about boarding Jack at the clinic because we know he is getting the best treatment available.  The treatment is so good that he's not even excited to see us when we pick him up to go home.  The reason must be because he gets more treats at the clinic than he does at home!

- Trina Hilligoss and Jack     


LottiNervous car rides and Lotti

D.A.P. on Lottie's bandana had her settled down and sleeping in the car in 10 minutes. No one should let their pet go on upset about things when there is a product like D.A.P. If your dog has trouble traveling - use it!

- Iva Atwater and Lotti     





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