Okaw Veterinary Clinic

140 W. Sale
Tuscola, IL 61953





We offer dental exams and dental cleanings to our dog and cat patients. Your pet will be put under anesthesia for the dental. While we clean your pet's teeth, we check for gum disease, growths, loose and missing teeth. We remove any damaged or problematic teeth. If we remove any teeth or discover any sore gums, we will give your pet pain medication. After cleaning the teeth we polish them, just like your dentist does to your teeth. We then apply a sealant that helps prevent plaque and tartar from attaching to your pet's teeth.   


 Before dental photo - Okaw Vet Clinic - Tuscola, IL

 After dental photo - Okaw Vet Clinic - Tuscola, IL

 Before a Dental

 After a Dental