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Storm Central


Does your pet get upset during storms? Help is here. Check out the videos and articles below. Don't have time to check it all out? Start with this article for some quick tips.

Videos about pets and storms:






Check out some articles about storms:


What to during a storm:


Dr. Foote's blog articles:


Items to help your pet:

  • Thundershirt   A tight fitting shirt to help reduce anxiety in dogs and cats. The shirt is helpful during non-storm times too.
  • Adaptil   A product containing a pheromone (scent) that helps calm dogs. A mother dog releases this pheromone when she is nursing her puppies to help calm them.
  • Feliway   A product containing a pheromone (scent) a cat uses to mark territory.
  • Composure   A supplement containing ingredients to help calm your dog.