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New Features to Save Money at our Online Pharmacy
3 Ways to get your Pet's Medication
10 Things that can Kill your Pet



New Features to Save Money at our Online Pharmacy

- Save Money - Earn redeemable Rewards - Free Shipping on auto refill - Single month heartworm prevention: All available on Vets First Choice.

Save money by using our online pharmacy! Vets First Choice. When you order your pet's medication including heartworm prevention, flea medication and prescription food it will be delivered directly to your home. Earn redeemable rewards on all products, every time you order. You can redeem these rewards at various levels to save money. Watch your emails for coupons and special offers that will help you save even more money on your pet's care. Vets First Choice fully licensed to sell online and offers the full manufacturer guarantee since they are purchasing the supply directly from them.  Other online pharmacies do not offer this same safety measure for your pet. 

Earn reward points for the first time you order through our online pharmacy, then 1 point for every dollar you spend.  

Auto ship is a great service too. You will automatically get a refill of your needed medications without any charge for shipping, no matter the cost of the medications. You will also get additional reward points for selecting auto ship - again a way to save money. 

Not sure what medication or food your pet needs? Call us. We will set up your order for you in what is called your "care cabinet". All you have to do is follow the link in an email that is sent to go into your care cabinet, pay for the order and your pet's medication will be on the way. 

Lastly all the manufacturer rebates, incentives and pricing is also available. Not all on line pharmacies offer this but Vets First Choice does.

If you have a busy life, travel or the weather makes coming in for medications difficult give our online pharmacy a try. 

We are always here with medications, food and what your pet needs. Offering Vets First Choice helps us offer you a broader range of medications with the convenience of home delivery at competitive  pricing for you.  

Thanks Dr. Foote 


3 Ways to get your Pet's Medication

  1. Our Online Pharmacy - Medication, heartworm and flea prevention and food are delivered directly to your home. Build up points each time you order. Points can be used to get cash off your order. When you sign up for Autoship, the shipping fee is waived. The pharmacy offers specials and coupons throughout the year. Not sure which medication to choose? Call us and we can put it in your Care Cabinet. All you need to do is go online and order the medicine from there. Check out our online pharmacy.
  2. Our Office - Stop in and pick up your medication at our office. We will explain the medication directions to you and answer any questions. Get rebates on Heartworm medications. You can use Care Credit to pay for the medicine. Ranger and Binx would loved to be petted when you stop in to get your medication. Call when you have at least 1 week of medication left so we can be sure to have to have your medicine here for you.
  3. Home Delivery from our Office - Let us know if you would like your medication shipped to you from our office. Get rebates on Heartworm medications. You can use Care Credit to pay for the medicine. Call when you have at least 1 week of medication left so we can be sure to have to have your medicine to you when you need it. Our shipping and handling fee is $7.95.


10 Things that can Kill your Pet

March 16 - 23rd is Poison Prevention week. So we wanted to share some common items that can poison pets.

If your pet eats any of these, please call us at (217) 253-3221 or the Animal Poison Control hotline at (888) 426-4435. Bring any uneaten portion of food, plant, medication, etc to the clinic with you. Also bring any wrappers or bottles with you. 

  1. Prescription and non prescription medications and vitamins - Dogs chew on pill bottles because the bottle smells like their owner and makes noises. Dogs and cats will eat the pills because the pills often have a coating that taste good.
  2. People food - Grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, chocolate, macadamia nuts, fatty foods, figs, leeks, rhubarb, tomatoes and sugar free candy are poisonous to pets.
  3. Cleaning products - bleach, laundry detergent, fabric detergent, lysol and other cleaners are toxic to pets.
  4. Household chemicals - paint thinner, antifreeze, moth balls, lighter fluid, liquid potpourri, lead paint and other chemicals are poisonous.
  5. Plants - aloe, amaryllis, lilies, cycads, daffodils, ivy, ferns, palms, morning glory, philodendron, pothos, tulips and many other plants are poisonous. Visit this page to see if your plants are poisonous.
  6. Pesticides, Insecticides, Fertilizers - These chemicals are poisonous to pets. Dogs and cats will often eat dead mice or rats. If that mouse or rat that died from mouse poison, then the pet can also die from eating the poisoned animal. 
  7. Household items - batteries, twist ties, coins, jewelry, pantyhose, paper clips, packaging from meat and other foods, socks, yarn, string, thread and rubber bands can get stuck in the pet's intestines. Batteries and coins also release toxins into a pet's body.
  8. Garage items - gasoline, antifreeze, de-icing salt and oil are toxic to pets.
  9. Outside items - compost, cocoa bean shell mulch, algae and mushrooms can make pets sick.
  10. Holiday items - garland, glass items, Easter grass, fireworks, strands of lights, balloons and other items can cause pets to become sick.

Visit the ASPCA's Poison Control website for information about preventing poisonings and what to do when your pet eats something poisonous. 

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