Okaw Veterinary Clinic

140 W. Sale
Tuscola, IL 61953



  Puppy Socialization and Owner Education 


We offer Puppy Socialization classes periodically through the year. Bring your puppy for a day of fun. Your puppy gets to play with other puppies. He or she will learn how to interact with the other puppies. We will talk a little about some common puppy behavior issues. Your puppy will also meet other people and will learn that people are not scary.


Check out some of the photos from past Puppy classes.



We offer other client educational opportunities.

  • Dr. Foote has written articles about behavior and pet health & care for local newspapers.
  • Dr. Foote has also held educational seminars on various topics, including behavior and first aid.
  • We send a monthly email newsletter to our clients. The newsletter covers many topics including behavior, poisons and fleas.


All our staff is certified in Low Stress Handling. Dr. Foote is a certified Fear Free Professional and is certified as a Feline Behavior Consultant by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.