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Phone Behavior Consultations



We offer Limited Phone Consultations for those times when the problem is small or you are not able to bring your pet here for a full consult. Phone consultations are offered in 15 minute increments and billed accordingly. If Dr. Foote is not your primary veterinarian, she will work together with your primary veterinarian for the physical exam and any other health concerns.

Any needed medications would be prescribed through your veterinarian. A behavioral therapy plan will be provided with 2 follow up calls by our staff.  Additional phone consults may be set up as needed. Behavioral tools such as nutritional supplements, food puzzles or special equipment may be provided by Okaw Veterinary Clinic. 

This service is recommended for problems such as:

   Early separation anxiety

   Fear of thunderstorm or loud noises

   Mild housemate aggression, especailly cats


The phone consult history form can be downloaded here and must be filled out and mailed to us before the consult.

       Dog Behavior History Form - Print out and scan or mail to us

       Cat Behavior History Form -  Print out and scan or mail to us


Payment can be made by CareCredit or Visa, Master Card or Discover.

All our staff is certified in Low Stress Handling. Dr. Foote is a certified Fear Free Professional and is certified as a Feline Behavior Consultant by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.