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Welcome to our Newsletter archive. You can read some of our past Newsletters here. Read about keeping your pet healthy. Also learn about pet behavior and what you can do to help your pet behave.


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         Newsletters from 2018

Vegetarian Dogs?

Better Teeth Make Better Behavior

Whining Puppies - Bad or Good?

Integrative Medicine for Pets? Yes!

Grain-free Causes Heart Failure

Stop Loose Dog Attacks Now!

My Cat Won't Eat!

Tularemia Sucks

Post Bite PTSD

Dr. Foote's Farewell

         Newsletters from 2017

Who got a Puppy at Christmas?

Fear or Pain?

Managing Mud with Bella

When Salt Kills

Why Ticks Suck

Avoid Mowing Madness

Big Bad Boom

Stop Flea Fiascos!

My House is Not a Litter Box!

Acting Like a Puppy?

Holiday Howling: How to Stop Barking at Guests

Holiday Stress in Pets

         Newsletters from 2016

Christmas Puppy Class!

Congratulations Dr. Foote!

Behavior Gadgets that Backfire

Fluffy, Talk to Me!

Storm Safety

Killer Dogs

Intruder Cats

Crazy Itchy

Hot and Itchy

When Love is Not Enough

Ball Launcher for your Dog

Purrfect Pet Holiday

         Newsletters from 2015

Why is Cancer killing our Goldens?

Beat Stinky Breath

Behavior Gadgets that Backfire

I Found a Baby

Dog Flu - Not for You!

How to make Nail Trims less Nasty 

Vet in a Hot Car!

Here Kitty Kitty

Tularemia - What is it?

Back to School Blues

Are Vaccines Killing my Pet?

What is my Pet Thinking?

        Newsletters from 2014

Instruments of Terror

Mercy's on TV Tonight

Senior Dog Dental Care can Turn the Clock Back

Stop Storm Fears Now!

Don't Let your Kids be Fido and Fluffy' Lunch

I Found a Baby... What do I do?

Cool Pet Treats

Top 7 Things that can Kill your Pet this Summer 

Birth of a Butterfly

Parvo Kills 

Why Dr. Foote Became a Vet

Christmastime for Critters


         Newsletters from 2013

See the Magic Cat Tree

Puppy Potty Problems

Goodbye Butterscotch

Scared Scary Dogs

Save Thumper

Off Leash Dog Attacks

Why Water isn't Enough

Quirky Things our Pet's Do

Mercy Gets Adjusted

Oh! My Achy Paws

Meet Meaghan, new at Okaw Vet

The Greatest Gift our Pets Give


         Newsletters from 2012

Off to a Good 2012

Is your Pet Hurting?

Stop the Howling, Whining and Digging

Shoot Heartworms with a Shot

Bites Worse than Barks

Stop Jumping Up for Good in 3 Seconds

Felines Fighting? Peace is Possible

Hot Stuff

Backfiring Behavior Busters

Vet Techs Love your Pet, Love your Vet Techs

Stop Animal Abuse

Dr. Foote's Live TV Spot


         Newsletters from 2011

New Year Resolutions

Picture Perfect Pets

Stinkless Smooches

Big Boom Bucks

Save Your Sanity and Save Money

Who's Walking Who?

Sleepless in Summer

Heat Stress and Your Pet

Rabies can Kill - Protect your cat

7 Tips for a Happy Howl-o-ween

Stop the Turkey Trots

Mind your Manners

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