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Introducing Two Cats  


Adding an additional cat to your home can be easy or hard depending on the cats involved, the size of the home, and how you go about it all. This is a guide to helping two cats meet. If the two cats are fighting with each other, or one of the cats is known to be aggressive, have the cats examined before trying to get them together. Chronic pain and fear  is a big reason for cats to fight even when all their environmental needs are met. Medication can help these cats.

Set up the new cat  in one room with all food, litter, and perches to lay on. Keep the door closed. If you  don't have a door use two baby gates stacked. The established cat gets the rest of the house without changing where their food, litter,etc are. After a day take a separate hand towel to rub the established cat's body down. Use this towel to rub on the new cat in the closed off room. Take a different towel to rub the new cat down. Now rub the established cat with this towel in the house. This transferring of scent is how cats say hello to each other. You are helping them say hello by the towel rubbing. Do this daily.

If both cats are eating okay, they should be pawing at each other under the door, or meowing at each other. This is what you want. IF they are both avoiding investigating each other, get Feliway Spray (available through us) and spray the door area, around the home and the room the new cat is in. Spray daily. This product helps the cats to feel like the home is already marked by their scent and calms them both down.

If the cats are approaching the door to check each other out, now put their food bowls near the door. 

Move the food bowls closer to the door daily until both cats are directly opposite through the door. At this point open the door a few inches so the cats can see each other but have the barrier if they are overwhelmed. If all ok, keep the door open and allow them to investigate.

All cats must have their own food dishes, beds, perches at various heights, and litter boxes to get along well. Some cats can do some sharing but that sharing is the most reason cats fight. If these tips do not help your cats get along, please contact us for a consult. There are various reasons why cats fight or one is an aggressor. There is also medication that can help two seemingly incompatible cats.

If you have tried this and are still having problems, contact Dr. Foote.

- written by Dr. Sally J. Foote

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