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Food Puzzle and Toy Reviews


We have divided the reviews by dog and cat products. Click one of the links below to be taken to the dog or cat toys.

Dog Products
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Dog Products


Bully Sticks by WagHaus

bully sticks

Product tester: Jasper

Testing evaluator: Leeza

We tested the bully sticks with Jasper. He is a big chewer. He really enjoyed chewing on the sticks. And the sticks lasted much longer than a rawhide chew. There is no odor to these chews either.

Who we recommend the Bully Sticks for: - dogs who are chewers  

Guzzle Muzzle by WagHaus

Guzzle Muzzle food puzzleGuzzle Muzzle food puzzle for cat

Product tester: Binx, Joey & Jasper

Testing evaluator: Leeza & Debbie

We used the small sized Guzzle Muzzle for Binx and Joey. They both eat out of food puzzles so they are used to working on getting their food out of a puzzle. Binx was interested it for a few meals. Joey enjoys getting his meals out of his bone. He uses it all the time.

We used the larger sized Guzzle Muzzle for Jasper because he is a dalmatian. The Guzzle Muzzle really slowed down his eating. It usually takes him 30 seconds to eat. With the Guzzle Muzzle, it took him over 3 minutes to eat his food.

Who we recommend the Guzzle Muzzle for: - dogs who eat their food quickly   - dogs who don't have much experience with food puzzles   - cats who eat quickly

iFetch Too from IFETCH

iFetch Too launcher

Product tester: Bella

Testing evaluator: Dr. Foote

This launcher has to be run on a cord - there is not a battery option. The launcher came with the 2 balls that it can hold to launch. There is not the height or range setting. It is pretty straightforward as a launcher. There is noise to the rotor right before launching that also announces that a ball is coming. This one was not good for us in the yard. Bella's lunge line got wrapped around the extension cord I needed to use in the yard. For a fenced in yard it would be fine. Inside this one had a lower arc and did not pop the ball out as hard so it was better for indoor use. For indoors, I felt better using the ifetch system. 

Who we recommend the Hero Gumball for: - active dogs     - playing inside

Automatic Ball Launcher by PetSafe

PetSafe ball launcher

Product tester: Bella

Testing evaluator: Dr. Foote

This launcher has both a corded plug in as well as battery run. It can be set for distance for the ball to fly out, as well as height it will arc at. What I also liked about this product it has an electric eye so if your dog is close to the launcher it will not go off. That avoids the dog from getting hit by the ball coming out.  This one can hold 3 balls (included) that will  be launched automatically. When you load the balls into the machine, there will be a short beep then a second or two delay for the ball to launch off. This is telling the dog that the ball is coming. Bella caught on to this very fast. She really liked the way the balls could come at varying height and distance. Some dogs can be trained to drop the ball into the launcher themselves. Bella was not catching onto that in the one session I worked with her but I am sure in time she would. 

We did play with this in the house too.  I set the distance to be short and we have a large recreation room without anything breakable. I did try a nerf type ball but the advancer squished it down so it would not launch. 

Who we recommend the Hero Gumball for: - active dogs     - playing outside since it has a battery

Hero Gumball by Hero Dogs

Gumball toy

Product tester: Binx

Testing evaluator: Rachael, Leeza

This toy has a ball that rolls around inside. This helps keep your pet interested. Our cat Binx is very active and good at food puzzles. Since this is a small toy, we tried the gumball for our cat Binx. He had to really work at it, but he did get his food kibble and treats out of the ball. We didn't like that there is no way to open the ball to put many treats in or to clean the toy.

Who we recommend the Hero Gumball for: - cats who have lots of energy  - small dogs 

Orbee-Tuff Snoop by Planet Dog




Product tester: Bella

Testing evaluator: Dr. Sally Foote



*photo courtesy of Planet Dog

This toy is easy to use and clean. The toy bounces, which adds some more fun to it. The toy is a moderately tough. It was easy for Bella to figure out, she is very good at figuring out toys and puzzles.

Who we recommend the Orbee-Tuff Snoop for: - dogs who like balls  - dogs who have used food puzzles  



Toppl made by West Paw Design



Product tester: Bella

Testing evaluator: Leeza and Rachael



This toy is very easy for dogs who have never used a food puzzle. You can purchase more pieces to fit together to make the puzzle harder. There are fins inside the puzzle to help slow the release of food or treats. We have started using it during our exams. We spread peanut butter inside for dogs to lick while they are examined and receive vaccines.

Who we recommend the Toppl for: - dogs who haven't used food puzzles before  


Satellite made by Kong



Product tester: Carrie

Testing evaluator: Carol 



The Kong Satellite food puzzle (small/medium) has been a big, big hit with my 7-year-old PBGV Carrie. I give her half of her breakfast and dinner kibble in the puzzle, and from the first time with the toy she understood that it would require muscle power and some ingenuity to dispense the treats because of the tricky ledges and the positioning of the holes on the satellite arms. She bats the toy all over the kitchen and dining room and can really send if flying. (I also get in on the act frequently retrieving the Kong from underneath furniture and from tight corners.) It takes her about 10 to 15 minutes until she gets that last stubborn piece.

Who we recommend the Satelite for: - any dog needing a food puzzle  - the puzzle may be hard for some tiny dogs to move around


Rockin Treat Ball made by JW

Product tester: Bella

Testing evaluator: Rachael

This toy says it is durable for rugged play. It is very easy to load and will hold an entire meal. Bella pushed the toy once and a large amount of food came out. The holes are rather large, so the food may come out slower with larger food or treats. The toy didn't make Bella work for her meal.

Who we recommend the Rockin Treat Ball for: - dogs who are new to food puzzles  - dogs who have large kibble and treats


Treat Maze made by Nina Ottosson

Product tester: Bella, Keyser, Delilah

Testing evaluator: Rachael and Leeza

The Treat Maze held up well. It is a bit difficult to get the food into the toy. We had to put a piece or two in at a time. A larger opening with a cover would make the toy much easier to fill. Bella enjoyed it and played with it until it was empty. Keyser played with it for awhile, then he got frustrated because it wasn't as easy as his other toy. Then he went back to it and continued to use it to finish his meal. Delilah didn't like this food puzzle. This was the first food puzzle she has had, she looked at it and walked away.

Who we recommend the Treat Maze for:  - dogs who like food puzzles  - dogs who eat small sized kibble  - dogs who don't chew up toys


Bionic Bone made by Bionic Pet Products 

Product tester: Bella

Testing evaluator: Rachael

This toy floats in water, so it is great if you pet likes to retrieve toys from the water. The company claims the toy is tough to destroy. Bella didn't care for this toy. She sniffed it an ate some kibble out of it. She didn't seem interested in playing with it unless it had food in it. It is scented with vanilla, but we didn't care for the smell. 

 Who we recommend the Bionic Bone for: - dogs who enjoy playing in water  - dogs who like to chew on toys


Treat Dispensing PicklePocket made by Starmark



Product tester: Bella

Testing evaluator: Dr. Sally Foote



At first, I thought that this won't last because it is so soft. Bella is a voracious chewer on her food puzzle toys. Anything with some give to it, and she wants to really chew it up.  So this soft feeling, almost firm jelly like toy was not going to stand up to her teeth. I am happy to say I am wrong. Bella has bounced it, chewed on it, I have flung it down the stairs as a part of play and this toy is showing almost no wear!  The groves go deep, so the farther you push in the kibble, the harder the dog has to chew or bounce the pickle around to get the kibble out. It may be frustrating at first but over time you dog will devise a way to get the kibble out. Some great features about the Pickle - it is easily washed.

Who we recommend the Pickle for: - this puzzle is for the advanced food puzzler  - active, Shepard type dogs  - the smarter your dog, the better they will enjoy this


Twist n Treat made by Premier


  Product testers: Keyser and Butterscotch

  Testing evaluator:  Rachael





Keyser and Butterscotch both loved the Twist n Treat. Keyser eats his meals out of it. He will bring the empty toy over to me so I can fill it up with food and treats. Butterscotch likes to have peanut butter smeared on the inside so he can lick it out.

Who we recommend the Dog Twist n Treat for:  - a dog who loves food  - easy for a dog who has never used a food puzzle



Cat Products



Grass Patch Hunting Box by Petstages



Product testers: Ranger and Binx

Product evaluator: Rachael 





The Hunting box comes with 3 balls with bells inside. The cats really enjoyed trying to get the balls through the openings at the top of the box. Binx also tried to get the balls through the openings on the sides. The grass on top can be used for scratching. This toy can be used without humans. So your cat can play while you are at work or sleeping.

Who we recommend the Grass Patch Hunting Box for:  - any cat who needs some toys to use up extra energy   - someone who doesn't have dogs because the balls can come out and some dogs may eat the balls.




Yeowww! Catnip Cigar by DuckyWorld Products



Product testers: Ranger and Binx

Product evaluator: Rachael 





The cigar is filled with 100% catnip and is long enough that cats can grab it and claw it with their back feet. The cats LOVED this toy. Ranger played with it for an hour straight. Binx enjoyed batting it around. It is big enough that they can grab it and chew and claw it.

Who we recommend Catnip Cigar for:  - cats who love catnip   - cats who like to play   - cats who like to grab toys and claw them


Bolt by FroliCat



Product testers: Ranger and Effie

Product evaluator: Rachael 






Effie really liked this toy. She likes to play with laser toys, but I don't always have time to play with her. I loved that this toy played with her while I was able to do other things. It moves in random patterns, which kept her interested.

Ranger was really focused on the toy and ignored the laser at first. He did find the laser and had fun chasing it around. 

Who we recommend the Bolt for:  - cats who like to play with laser toys  - cats who like to play  - owners who are busy and don't have much time to play with their cat


Cat House System by CattyStacks


   Product testers: Ranger, Mercy, Hoppy, Lazarus, Simone and Effie

   Product evaluators: Debbie and Rachael




Debbie: Hoppy was the first to sniff it when the box came home. He then walked right in and curled up for a nice nap. Simone was the next one to investigate. She loves it. She'll carry a stuffed mouse inside to play with it. She has even been seen playing with Lazarus through the corner holes. Lazarus was the last to check out the catty stack. He was using it to nap in. Overall the "kids" give the catty stacks 4 paws up.

Rachael: We liked the boxes. They are sturdy, environmentally friendly and come in various colors. I like that the holes can be enlarged by using the perforated lines. Ranger and Mercy didn't care for the boxes. Mercy ignored them. Ranger played in them when we used catnip or toys. He did climb on them. Effie loves to scratch on the box. She didn't lay in it until I put some bedding in it. Now she likes to lay in it.

Who we recommend Catty Stacks for:  - cats who like to lay in boxes   - cats who like cat trees


Treat Maze made by Nina Ottosson

Product tester: Simone

Test evaluators: Debbie

Simone, the food puzzle addict, figured it out within seconds. She loves batting at it with her feet. She also figures out that if you wack it hard enough, it will flip over and the food comes out faster. Her brothers couldn't care less about this toy or other food puzzles.

Who we recommend the Treat Maze for: - cats who like food puzzles


Twitch by FroliCat


Product testers: Ranger and Mercy

Test evaluators: Debbie





This toy has a suction cup to attach to glass and can be programmed to play with your cat while you are gone. Ranger was briefly interested in it when it was first shown to him. His interest decreased over the next few days. Mercy showed no interest in the toy. There are a few improvements that would help make the toy more interesting to a cat. 1) The chirping noise it makes to alert your cat should be repeated more often.  2) The string should be longer to allow for more energetic play. 3) Various toy ends would allow some options to find the right type of attracting toy. The company is making changeable teaser ends.

Who we recommend the Twitch for: - a cat who likes to play with string or fishing pole type toys  - a cat who gets into things while you are gone


Kitty Fast Track by Ethical Pet

  Product tester: Ranger, Mercy and Hemmingway

  Test evaluator: Rachael

We gave this toy to Ranger and Mercy for a few weeks. They didn't seem too interested in playing with it. We tried rolling the ball back and forth to get their attention. We put pieces of food in the track. They would bat the food out of the track and then walk away. We gave the toy to a client to have him try it with his cats. He has two young cats who like to play. He reported back to us that they didn't play with the toy either.

Who we recommend the Kitty Fast Track for: - a cat who loves playing with balls


 Cat Wobbler made by Kong




Product testers: Ranger, Mercy and Simone

Testing evaluators:  Rachael and Debbie since Ranger, Mercy and Simone are not able to type this out legibly



Rachael: Mercy and Ranger didn't seem too motivated to get the food out of the toy. Ranger enjoyed playing with the catnip tail. He played with it for awhile but wouldn't knock over the toy to get the food. Mercy, our other clinic cat would sniff at the food and knock the toy, but not hard enough to get food out. She didn't seem too interested in the tail. We gave them 2 days with the toys out all the time for evaluation.

Debbie: Simone loves it! It took her less than 5 minutes to figure out what she needed to do to get the food out. She likes this food puzzle even more than her usual one. One of my other cats, Hoppy, loved to play with the tail just like Ranger. Lazarus was content to watch Simone play with it and showed no interest in playing with it himself. Simone was very sad when I had to take the Wobbler back to the clinic. I have promised to buy her one of her own to make her happy.

Who we recommend the Wobbler for:   - an energetic cat   - a cat who is food motivated   - a cat who has figured out other food puzzles


Twist n Treat made by Premier

Twist n Treat




Product testers: Effie, Ranger and Mercy

Testing evaluators:  Rachael

Effie used the Twist n Treat right away. She doesn't get much exercise, so this toy is her exercise. It also gives her something to do to keep her mind active. Ranger didn't show much interest in the toy. He got several food pieces out and then went off to do something else. He is more interested in it if there are treats inside. Mercy used it quite a bit. She knocks her food and treats out and ate it without any problem. 

Who we recommend the Cat Twist n Treat for:  - a cat who likes food  - easy for a cat who has never used a food puzzle

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