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  Easy Pet Exams 


Here at our clinic we use low stress, dog friendly and cat friendly handling. You can learn how to use this same pet friendly handling at home with your own pets.

Does your pet need help to learn how to hold still for home treatment such as:

  • Nails
  • Ear cleaning
  • Brushing teeth
  • Eye medication

We can help! Your pet needs to learn how to like these treatments through a series of counter conditioning (fun training) sessions with our techs. We will set up an evaluation exam and then 4 weekly or biweekly packaged sessions our trained behavior technicians will show you how to reward for the all the steps involved in the treatment so your pet will learn to like holding still with minimal restraint. Then you will learn how to do this at home.

How to make an appointment: fill out the form to tell us exactly what the difficulty is with home treatment. It is very important to tell us of any snapping or attempting to bite. We have to keep your pet calm enough so they accept the rewards. We must know exactly how much wiggling, pawing, struggling, snarling or snapping that they do. Also tell us where you will need to do the home treatment so we can train your pet to a setting like home - on the floor, in your lap for example.

These are short, focused appointments of about 10 minutes with 2 techs that keep it fun for your pet. Our point is to prevent pushing your pet to struggling or stress. We will instruct you with some homework to help with the process and indicate if any anti anxiety products like pheromones, or supplements are needed to help your pet out. Bring your pet hungry - only 1/2 of breakfast.   

Scheduling for appointments is through the week in the mid morning, afternoon or Saturday afternoons.

Our goal is to help your pet be less stressed for regular care, prevent bites or scratches to you or any handler, and help your pet get the care or medication they need.


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All our staff is certified in Low Stress Handling. Dr. Foote is a certified Fear Free Professional and is certified as a Feline Behavior Consultant by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.