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  Dr. Sally J. Foote 


Dr. Sally J. Foote CFBC-IAABC at Okaw Vet Clinic in Tuscola, IL



I graduated from  the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, Class of 1984 after 2 years of undergraduate study at Purdue University. In January of 1989 the practice moved to it's present location at 140 W. Sale Street after purchasing it from retiring veterinarian Dr. Robert Smith. Previously I had practiced small animal medicine for 4 years in the Edgewater - Andersonville area of Chicago. I have always practiced small animal, companion medicine with a special interest in pet animal behavior. After additional training in behavior, and attending additional coursework at Purdue University's College of Veterinary Medicine we began offering more behavioral medicine and therapy services. I am proud to be Certified as a Feline Behavior Consultant by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.  

My professional associations include the AVMA, ISVMA, EIVMA, AVSAB and student chapter coordinator for AVSAB (American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior). I am also currently the veterinary liaison for the Hands 4 Paws local humane association. Local associations include the Tuscola Chamber of Commerce, TEDI, and 40 Martyrs Church. My dogs Bella is from the Douglas County Animal Shelter.  

Other interests of mine are co owning Jarman Center with my husband Tom Wold, and traveling, especially to Switzerland to visit my sister and her family. Hobbies include knitting and ballroom dancing.

Tom and I have lived in Tuscola since 1988. We have a daughter Glenda Foote Wold.


Why I became a vet and use pet friendly handling:

From the time I was 12 years old; I made a decision to become a veterinarian and never really seriously considered anything else. I did look into other medical science related fields as a backup plan in case I did not pass the rigorous admissions tests, applications and interviews for veterinary college admission. My heart and soul was always to become a veterinarian.
How I came to this decision was a culmination of a couple of factors. I really liked science, especially biology. I liked being around people and helping them solve problems. I also felt that animals had a special way of communicating with humans, and I wanted to understand that. We did not have loads of animals growing up, but my pet dog Sean helped me  know the importance of having a companion animal. I worked hard at my studies, found the opportunities to advance and made the grade for acceptance into veterinary college. I continue to be fascinated and challenged by this profession, and its importance to our everyday lives. I cannot imagine a day when I would not be somehow engaged in veterinary medicine.

As I practiced veterinary medicine, I discovered a passion for understanding pet behavior, and how that affects the bond with the owner. After taking additional education in animal behavior, I became a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant. Adding behavior services to our practice has enriched my career and helped many families and pets enjoy a healthier life together. We saw such a difference helping clients improve pet behavior, we incorporated only low stress/pet friendly handling for all pets for all visits. Okaw Veterinary Clinic is now one of the first Certified Low Stress Handling clinics through Dr Sophia Yin's program. I have seen firsthand, aggressive, difficult to examine dogs and cats now pull their clients through the door because they want to come to the veterinarian. This is what keeps me going, even after the most difficult cases.

I have always looked at the pet's health in a holistic, way for  considering both the physical and behavior health. When I see our clients understand the importance of nutrition, preventative care and good behavior  for their pets, I feel we have done our job well.

Dr. Foote is a Certified Fear Free Professional and all our staff is certified in Low Stress Handling.



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