Okaw Veterinary Clinic

140 W. Sale
Tuscola, IL 61953



   Clinic Mascots  


Ranger chillin at Okaw Vet Clinic in Tuscola, IL

Ranger - He was found at the Road Ranger here in town. He rode under a semi from Wisconsin. We emailed his picture and information to Wisconsin humane societies and did not receive any leads. We kept him here at the clinic and were going to find him a new home. But, we just fell in love with his cute face and wonderful personality. He loves kids and loves to keep them occupied while the children's parents are in the exam room with their pets.

Ranger helps out by showing clients how to give medications to their pets. He does this in our office and on Dr. Foote's youtube channel. He also stars in videos about handling techniques for Low Stress Handling videos.


Binx getting into mischief at Okaw Vet Clinic in Tuscola, IL 

Binx - He followed Dr. Foote's daughter to a friend's house. He came to the clinic and we tried to find his owner. No owner came forward so we tried finding him a home. He went to two homes, but they didn't work out. So he stayed with us. Binx never runs out of energy. He loves chasing Ranger around and playing with everything in the office.

Binx also stars in videos about handling cats in veterinary clinics and your own home.