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Clinic Consultation & Staff Training

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Drawing blood from a nervous dog - Okaw Vet ClinicAre you tired of "wrestling" with your patients? Want to reduce staff injury?   

Dr. Sally J. Foote DVM, CABC-IAAB, Low Stress Handling CertifiedTM, and Fear Free Professional CertifiedSM can come to your office for staff training and protocol development for less stressful veterinary care.   

Consultations are offered on site - or by video chat - facetime or skype.


- Onsite visits - Dr. Foote will observe and develop for your staff protocols for positive veterinary care for all areas of your office, or just the areas you want to focus on. Hands on training of Low Stress HandlingTM skills for your staff and protocols for areas of the clinic will be included in on site visits. 


Dr. Sally J. Foote teaching-  Remote Consultation -  A virtual on site visit. Using the power of Skype/Facetime, Dr. Foote can observe your reception area, staff/patient handling, and exam/treatment area organization. She will determine staff training needs, demonstrate techniques and develop protocols for the clinic to reduce patient stress and improve staff efficiency.  

Cost? Consultations are charged at $200/hr, with a minimum of 4 hours consultation time for on site. Skype/Facetime consultations are 2 hour minimum. Either method, you will receive a customized plan for staff training, protocols for specific to your clinic.  A report of  your clinic's training plan including instructional video and follow up support is included. Evening or weekend consultations are possible. If you are interested, please email or call to discuss the scope of your needs, and estimated costs.

Availability?  Call or email me.

Dr Sally J Foote, DVM  CABC-IAABC 
(217) 253-3221

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