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Do you want to increase patient visits? Make it nicer for them and you!



Discover the first medical recording system that guarantees better behaved patients, more complete exams and higher profitability.

 Helps improve staff teamwork through consistent handling.

 Fewer staff injuries.

 Improved client compliance for home care.

 More complete exams leads to better medicine - better profits


It all comes together with the Bella Behavior Label System.


Bella Behavior Label System (pat. pend.)
Happy Pets - Happy Staff - Happy Owners


Knowing the unique rewards for each patient is the best way to have low stress exams.  The Bella Behavior Label System provides you the way to determine the favorite rewards of this patient and document those on their record. This customized approach is useful for all veterinary practices, not just behaviorists. The staff no longer has to figure out what works for each patient, they know it from the label. 

To get started, order the kit! The kit includes:

  • instructional book
  • 200 preprinted labels
  • technique pages
  • CD containing downloadable software
  • indexed chapters including ones on body language, pheromone use, treat preparation and resource pages
  • one month of online support 

Go to www.drsallyjfoote.com to purchase or for more information.