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Behavioral Support
Behavioral Treatment Plans with Medical Exam


When behavioral problems are just an aggravation, or are causing minor disruption to you or your pet's life, behavioral support is often enough to get life better. Typical problems:  jumping up, early litterbox problems, minor housemate fighting, attention seeking behaviors. 

Behavioral history will be taken at the time of the medical exam, which may extend the medical exam up to 30 minutes. If a longer history or a video of the problem is needed, then a consult will be scheduled.

A treatment plan will be written for you to take home, along with your pet's health report card. A copy will be kept in your pet's medical record.

Treatment plans will outline behavior modification, instructions and articles from the Animal Behavior Network specific to your pet's problem 1 to 2 support calls/emails will be provided by our veterinary staff to support your pet's progress. 

Any medication, tools or products to help your pet's behavior will be dispensed or ordered at this visit. 



  This is a great place to begin to stop problems before they get big. 


All our staff is certified in Low Stress Handling. Dr. Foote is a certified Fear Free Professional and is certified as a Feline Behavior Consultant by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.