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Pet Treat and Food Recalls

Pet Food and Treat Recalls

6/19/17 Loving Pets has voluntarily recalled a limited number of dog treats because they may be contaminated with Salmonella.

Affected treats and lot numbers include:

Loving Pets Barksters™

  • Sweet Potato and Chicken, Lot 021619
  • Brown Rice and Chicken, Lot 021419

Loving Pets Puffsters™ Snack Chips

  • Apple and Chicken, Lots 051219, 112118, 112918, 012719, 012519, 013019
  • Banana and Chicken, Lots 112218, 112818, 112918, 013119
  • Sweet Potato and Chicken, Lots 112818, 020119
  • Cranberry and Chicken, Lots 020319, 112918, 020219

Whole Hearted™

  • Chicken and Apple Puff Treats, Lots 121418, 121918, 122318, 010419, 010619, 010519

Pets with Salmonella can have the the following symptoms: lethargic, diarrhea, bloody diarrhea, fever, vomiting, not eating as much and abdominal pain. If your pet has eaten these recalled treats and has any of these symptoms, call us immediately.

If you have treats affected by the recall, do not feed them to your pet. Take the treats back to the place you purchased them. For more information about the recall, visit the FDA's website or Loving Pets website.

Pints for Paws

Fundraiser for CARE Center's Helping Paw Fund on Oct 4th from 5 - 9 pm at Riggs Beer Company in Urbana. You must purchase a ticket for the event. They will have fun games, silent auction, food, door prizes and more! Check out their website for more information.


Know Your Pet

Dr. Foote has started a blog to give you a place to not only get information, but to ask questions, comment and share this information with your friends. The focus of the blog is to help you understand why specifically pets do what they do. To get to know your pet and also have ideas about what will help your pet. Check out her blog here. She is looking forward to your comments.