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Pet Treat and Food Recalls

Pet Food and Treat Recalls

12/19/17 Darwin's Natural Pet Products has recalled certain lots of Natural Selections dog and cat food in various flavors. The food may be contaminated with Salmonella bacteria.

Affected Flavors, Dates and Lot Numbers:

  • Natural Selections Duck Meals for Cats, frozen, 2 lb. net wt., Mfg. Date 06/01/17, Lot No. 38277
  • Natural Selections Turkey With Organic Vegetables Meals for Dogs, net wt. 2 lb. Mfg.Date 08/24/17, Lot No. 39937
  • Two lots of Natural Selections Turkey Meals for Dogs, net wt. 2 lb., Mfg. Date 08/24/17, Lot No. 39937, and Mfg. Date 09/20/17, Lot No. 40507
  • Natural Selections Duck with Organic Vegetables Meals for Dogs, net wt. 2 lb. Mfg. Date 09/29/17, Lot No. 40487
  • Natural Selections Chicken with Organic Vegetables Meals for Dogs, net wt. 2 lb., Mfg. Date 09/26/17, Lot No. 40727

Pets who have been infected with Salmonella can have the following symptoms: fever, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, not wanting to eat. People can become infected with Salmonella when they handle the food. Symptoms include: fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps and headache.

If you have food affected by this recall, do not feed it to your pet. Call the company at 877-738-6325 to report you have food affect by the recall.

For more information about the recall, visit Food Safety New's website.

Pet Memorial Tree - Okaw Veterinary ClinicPet Memorial Tree and Service

We will have our Pet Memorial Tree up during December. The tree will be decorated with photo ornaments of pets who have passed away. If you would like your pet's photo on the tree, send a COPY of your photo. We will cut the photo to make the ornament. We will have a Memorial Service to remember these pets and other pets. Anyone who lost a pet is welcome to attend the service. The service will be on Friday Jan 5th at 7 pm. You can pick up your ornament at the memorial service.


Know Your Pet

Dr. Foote has started a blog to give you a place to not only get information, but to ask questions, comment and share this information with your friends. The focus of the blog is to help you understand why specifically pets do what they do. To get to know your pet and also have ideas about what will help your pet. Check out her blog here. She is looking forward to your comments.