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Getting a Pet & New Pet Care

Kitten and Puppy Care

What Should I know Before Getting a Pet?

Socialization Before Obedience in Puppies

Picking out your Best Friend

Christmas Puppies and Kittens

Keeping your Pet Healthy & Safe

Putting our Patients First Options Exist to Soothe our Pets during Veterinary Visits

March Mud Madness

Rodent Poisons Kill more than Mice

Dog Attacks

Save Money and Time with Preventative Health Care

Are Vaccines Safe for my Pet?

How do I Keep my Pet's Teeth Clean?

Keep You Pet's Teeth Healthy

Decreased Aggression through Dental Care

New Calicivirus in Cats

Parvo Outbreak in Central Illinios 

Parvo is Still Around 

Rabies Kills

Dog Flu

West Nile Virus in Pets

Tularemia in Local Cats

7 Ways to make Travel Better for your Cat

Winter Pains

Why ID tags are Important

Have a Safety Plan for Tornadoes

Pet Food Recalls - How to Keep up

Salty Treats & your Dog's Heart

Vegetarian Diets for Dogs - Good or Bad?

Why Cats Hide Pain

The 5th Sign of Pain in Pets

When your Dog's Itching is Driving you Crazy

The Hot Spot

Make your own Litter Box

Decorating for Pets & People

Who Gets Fluffy?

Top 10 Ways to Tell if your Pet has Mild Arthritis

Do Pets get Senile?

Old Dog Behavior - Senility, Irritability & Anxitey

Myth Busting Heat Stress in Pets

Yes! You can Walk your Cat

Seniors and Pets Living Together

Reporting Animal Neglect

Rescue Pet Quirks

Paw and Pad Care

Essential Oils - Are they Safe for Pets


Fleas, Ticks, Heartworms and Worms & Prevention

What about Online Pharmacies?


Natural Flea Products - Do They Work?

Terrible Ticks

Ticks and Behavior Changes

Fleas and Ticks

Worms and Other Internal Parasites

10 Things to Know about Worms

There is More to Worms than Meets the Eye



I Found a Baby Wild Animal... What do I do?


Euthanansia - When it's the Vet's Pet