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   Behavior Handouts and Files   


Dr. Foote and Bella - Okaw Vet Clinic - Tuscola, IL


Here are some of our handouts and files to help you and your pet. Click on the links at the side or below.


Fear Behavior Log - Keep track of your pet's signs of their fearful behavior.

Thunderstorm Check List - Tips to help your pet during thunderstorms.

Butterscotch's Storm and Firework Playlist - Dogs seek a regular pattern of noise to feel calm. Play music that has a strong bass beat during storms and fireworks to help keep them calm.

Play with Your Food - Food puzzles help keep your pet's mind and body active.

Kill the Bear - Have your pet "kill" a stuffed toy instead of you or another pet.

Make your own Litter Box - How to make a litter box for cats with arthritis or behavior problems.

Separation Anxiety - Information about canine separation anxiety from Elanco, makers of Reconcile.

Body Language of Fear in Dogs - Illustrations of a fearful dog by Dr. Sophia Yin.

How to Greet a Dog - What to do when meeting a new dog by Dr. Sophia Yin.

How Children Should Interact with Dogs - A great way to show kids how to act around dogs. By Dr. Sophia Yin.

How Children Should Not Interact with Dogs - What kids shouldn't do around dogs. By Dr. Sophia Yin.

Ladder of Aggression - Body language a dog often shows before biting. From BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Behavioural Medicine edited by Debra Horwitz and Daniel S. Mills.