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Stop the Turkey Trots



7 Ways to make Travel Better for your Cat

Everyone have a Happy Holiday (Pets too)!
Tame the Turkey Trots - Go Easy on the Thanksgiving Food




Pet Memorial and Grief Management

Have you had one of your pets pass away? Would you like to know some ways to memorialize your pet? Do you want to talk with others who have also suffered a loss?

Attend Hands 4 Paws Pet Memorial and Grief Management event. There will be a special time for remembrance, memorial ideas, how to decide when is it their time, understanding your grief and pets who grieve. Bring a photo of your pets who have passed away. Your photo will be displayed and then returned to you. Refreshments will be served. The event will be held on Sunday Nov 6th from 2:00 - 3:00 pm at the Jarman Center dining room. Jarman Center is located at 704 N. Main St. in Tuscola.

For more info, visit www.hands4paws.webs.com, email hands4pawsinc@yahoo.com or call (217) 253-3221.

Angel Tree

Help the animals at the Douglas County Animal Shelter. Visit the Angel Tree at Pamida in Tuscola to drop off donated items the shelter needs. The shelter needs blankets, bath towels, bleach, laundry detergent, paper towels, gloves, leashes, treats and bailing wire (to fix kennels). Donations can be dropped off until Nov 30th. For more information visit the Hands 4 Paws website.



7 Ways to make Travel Better for your Cat

1.            Leave the carrier out in the family room area.  If your cat sees the carrier all the time then it is not a big surprise when it is time to hit the road.

2.            Plant some yummy food such as tuna, or baked chicken (about a tablespoon) as a treat in the carrier.  Now they can investigate and get a big reward.

3.            Put a nice towel, blanket or other a favorite family member's sweat shirt in the carrier to carry the scents from home.  A depends pad can help those who just can't hold it all the way.

4.            Use Feliway spray to help your cat feel like the carrier is a part of their territory.  Feliway helps the cat to feel like the area is already marked with their scent.

5.            Decrease all that noise and whizzing traffic by covering the carrier with a blanket or towel.

6.            Stay calm yourself.  Talk in low soothing tones to your cat to calm the yowls and hissing.

7.            Help them forget by sleeping through it.  If your cat is really over the top, a bit of a kitty cocktail from your veterinarian is for the best.   Anti anxiety medications decrease the fear  associated with travel and over time they can travel without the tablet courage.           

You can find out more tips to help your cat feel happier for veterinary exams, travel and handling at the behavior resources tab on Dr. Foote's Bella Behavior website

Here's to happy travel!



Everyone Have a Happy Holiday (pets too)!


Holiday gatherings are a big part of the celebrations of the season. In some way or another pets are involved in this. We buy presents for our pets, include them in family pictures and videos for the holidays, and they often are part of the party whether they like it or not. There are lots of guides and information on websites for present picking and even good picture taking. What is very important is providing enjoyable holiday gatherings for humans and animals.

First truly consider the age, health and temperament of your pet when guests are expected. If your pet is older, has arthritis, is blind or hard of hearing it is difficult for your pet to move around and get out of the way of people walking around the house for a party. They may be laying comfortably in their own bed, but they are usually on the lookout for what is going to happen next. This may have them a little tense and apprehensive about the whole gathering, which may result in more pain the next day from just holding their body tense, or having to move around more with more people present. Young pets may be very excited and jump, bark, meow excessively or knock little ones down.

Toddlers are especially at risk of possibly being bitten by even the most friendly dog when you think of how children are constantly on the go with an animal that is already a bit anxious. Toddlers are right up in the face of a dog, they do not follow verbal instructions from adults very well, and it seems the more adults there are fewer eyes are on the children (which adult is responsible for watching the kids?). If the owners have not made a quiet place for the dog or cat to go , there is a big risk of a bite.

So, to keep your pet and everyone happy plan ahead. Dogs and cats do not have to know everyone. If your relatives just come over once a year, then make a comfy place for your dog or cat to spend the day. If someone wants to visit your pet, you decide if it is ok. Younger well socialized pets may do fine with many people over but after a few hours they have usually had enough and are seeking a quiet area. Make that area away from the party scene and go ahead and put your pet there if you notice your pet avoiding people (avoidance is a subtle sign of anxiety). If the humans won?t listen to you, perhaps board your pet for the day or make that comfy place in another room well away from others, and make it really hard for guests to ?let the pet out?. Most of the pet problems at parties are really humans not listening to each other or the animal.

If your pet is stressed out by visitors, we can help. Give us a call to set up an appointment for a behavior consult. You can also take a look at the behavioral services we offer.



Tame the Turkey Trots - Go Easy on the Thanksgiving Food

We love our pets and want to involve them in our every day lives. Thanksgiving is a day filled with family and lots of yummy food. You want to include your dog or cat in the celebration. But resist the temptation to give your dog or cat too many goodies during the holiday. 

Turkey, chicken and other bird bones can splinter as your pet chews on the bone. These splinters can pierce your pet's intestine causing a life-threatening infection. The bones can also become stuck in the intestines and cause your dog or cat to become sick. The bones can also cause vomiting and diarrhea by irritating your pet's stomach.

Giving your pet the fat from your meat may be tempting, but you will pay for it later. Fatty foods can cause several problems. The fat causes many pets to vomit or have diarrhea. The fat can also give your dog or cat pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is a serious illness and will mean your beloved pet will be spending some time at the veterinary clinic. Learn more about Pancreatitis in Dogs and Cats.

Thanksgiving foods are full of calories. A four ounce piece of turkey is 200 calories. Giving a cat a four ounce piece of turkey is like you eating an 3 3/4 Big Macs. Giving a 10 pound dog a four ounce piece of turkey is like you eating a McDonald's Hamburger. The calories add up. You can give your dog or cat some healthy vegetables. You may not think veggies are a treat, but your pet does. Green beans (not green bean casserole), carrots, celery, are a few lower calorie veggies that your pet can enjoy without packing on extra pounds. Making a apple or pumpkin pie? Give your pet a slice of apple or a teaspoon or two of canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix). 



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