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   Introducing Housemate Dogs

Bringing two dogs or even a third one into home can be easy or raise some fur. The best way to help all the dogs get along is to establish the order of rank in the home. It is actually best for the humans in the home to determine the #1, 2 and on down the line order of the dogs.

The way to determine the rank is by size, age and length of time in the home. If you have some dogs that are close in these descriptions then do the best you can. If you are having some troubles contact us for a consult to comb through all the dog issues. So, the newest dog is the lowest ranking dog. You still love them all equally and treatment has to be equal just in order.

So this means the #1 dog is fed, petted, walked, gets in its own bed and given toys first, then followed in order by the next dog or more. It is extremely important that all humans in the home keep up this order with the dogs. When #2 gets something first, that really upsets #1 and we get fighting. Dogs want order. The humans have to be the absolute top commander and this is shown to the dogs by the humans controlling all the things the dogs want. NO punishment, harsh orders or force here. The dogs are fed meals that last 20 minutes tops. The human controls the food put in the dish, how long the dish stays down, and when. Dogs are walked on leash and the human is in charge of where you go when and for how long. Owners do this praising both dogs for heeling well, waiting at the door, and not getting into each other's food bowls. Praise the dogs as they play with their toys well. If they are fighting over toys take them all away until they are behaving better.

Dogs need to have their own beds, leashes, food bowls and toys. Sharing means competition or possibly losing what they need increasing anxiety in many dogs. 

Often times chronic pain from arthritis, infected teeth and ears, or skin is a culprit for irritable behavior. 

If your dogs are fighting, call Dr. Foote for a behavior consult.

 - written by Dr. Sally J. Foote

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