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Bella Behavior System for Pet Owners

My Pet is a "Bella" Pet!



Bella of the Bella Behavior System - Okaw Vet Clinic - Tuscola, IL


The kit includes:

  • instructional booklet
  • pet folder with labels for recording rewards for home treatments
  • pet bandana for calming sprays,
  • additional labels
  • one month online support

Go to www.drsallyjfoote.com to purchase or for more information.



Bella Behavior System - Okaw Vet Clinic - Tuscola, IL 



Thanks Sally for your behavior training methods! I identified the thing that Tyler is crazy about and that is butter. I started pairing butter with the ear cleaning fluid and he could tolerate standing next to it while licking a little butter. Then we progressed to petting him while licking the butter and integrating lifting his ear.... He still tucked his tail down and wanted to hide but when he made motions he wanted to go and hide, I just stopped and waited. he actually forgot about the ear cleaning because he was so mesmerized by the butter! Of course, not too much butter.....

                                                                                   ~ Barb Wolfensberger