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    Behavior Articles for Cats   

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Read behavior articles on a variety of topics. Click on the links below or to the left to view the articles. Articles were written by Dr. Sally J. Foote.


Raising a New Pet & Introducing a New Pet to Current Pets

Choosing a Pet - What to consider before purchasing a new pet.

Introducing Kitty Siblings - Help both cats adjust when you bring a new cat home.

Feline Friends - Help your Cats get Along - Helping your cats get along.

Rescue my Rescue - Helping your newly adopted pet become adjusted in your home. This article focuses on rescue animals, but any animal can benefit from these tips.


Pets and Children

Top 10 Ways to Keep Children and Pets Safe Together - Learn what you can do to keep children and pets safe when they are together.


Unwanted Bad Behaviors

My House is Not a Litter Box - A few causes of why cats stop using their litter boxes.

Litter Box Happiness - Why cats may stop using the litter box and how to help your cat use the box. Includes a link on how to make your own cat friendly litter box.

Counter Cruising - Why your dog and cat like to get on counters and what you can do to stop it.

Outdoor Cats driving your Indoor Cat Crazy - Do you have cats outside and your inside cat is now acting strange? Find out why this happens.

Fear, Anxiety & Aggression

Pheromones - Learn what pheromones are and how they can help your pet.

Everyone have a Happy Holiday, Pets Too - Keeping your pet's stress level down during the holidays.

Top 10 Ways to Reduce Fear of Loud Noises (including Storms & Fireworks) - Help your cat during times of loud noises, including storms and fireworks

Tornado/Storm Safety for Pets - Help your pet be less afraid during storms.

Preventing Bites - Learn the two most important questions to help prevent dogs and cat bites.

Separation Anxiety in Cats - Learn about Separation Anxiety and how to help your cat.

Kill the Bear - Have your pet "kill" a stuffed animal instead of you or another pet.


Preventing  Boredom

Cabin Fever- Erich your pet's environment to help combat the boredom of being inside during the winter weather.

Play with Your Food - Toys that you can put your pet's food into to keep your pet's mind and body active.


Going to the Veterinary Clinic

Here Kitty Kitty - Help your cat learn to like going to the veterinary clinic.

Putting our Patients First - Learn what vet clinics can do to help reduce your pet's stress level at their office.


Various Topics

Back to School Stress in Pets - Your change in schedule can affect your pets.

What do you say to your Grandchildren? RIP Harambe - Read about the tragic story of Harambe and the boy who fell into his exhibit.

After the Bite Post Traumatic Stress - Bite can cause trauma to your body and also stress on your mind.

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