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In Clinic Training and Consultation



Does your staff want a way to easily address problem behaviors during limited wellness exams?

Want to know how to help the pet today?

How do you keep that help short and sweet?

How, when and where to refer cases to Dr. Foote for additional behavior consultation and treatment?


Now he tells me Bella is door dashing and over barking!
How can we fit this in with an annual exam?!!!
Someone give me some help before I lose my mind!


Immediate help is available for staff and clients discovering behavior problems during wellness exams!

Dr. Foote can travel to your clinic to give in clinic seminars or one on one training in rewarding during the veterinary exam with documentation in the medical record, as well as low stress handling techniques for dogs and cats. Dr. Foote can also cover other behavior topics as well as ways efficient ways to incorporate behavior services into your practice. A customized plan for your clinic is available. Please call (217) 253-3221 or email okawvetstaff@mchsi.com to discuss rates.

Lunch and Learn - Dr. Foote will come to your clinic. You provide the lunch, she provides the learning. The seminar is about an hour, depending on questions and what your staff needs. Dr. Foote will review the top 5 behavioral complaints and how to start help without going crazy. Dr. Foote will also tell you how she treats referral cases at our clinic, emphasizing the collaboration with you, the referring veterinarian.

Veterinary behavioral medicine is time consuming. There are ways to help address problems efficiently in your office, set up for referral to a veterinary behavioral consultant and work together with that veterinarian. This is an excellent way to manage developing behavior as a service center for your own clinic.

Dr. Foote is a member of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, and has presented at the 2010 annual convention. She is also the advisor to the student chapter of AVSAB at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine and has lectured there. Dr. Foote has been publicly speaking on animal behavior, and is published in veterinary and local publications.


Thank goodness I had information ready for Bella to start to behave better!
We can start working on her behavior and get ready for a longer behavior consult.